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Spotting tire defects in motor vehicle accidents can be tricky: work with experienced attorney

August 4, 2017

Previously, we mentioned the importance of working with experienced legal counsel to sort out the potential causes of motor vehicle accidents when tire failure is involved as a factor. As we noted, tire failure can have multiple potential causes and can involve multiple potentially liable parties. Building a strong case requires developing a sound legal theory supported by strong evidence.

Whenever a motor vehicle accident occurs, careful inspection of the vehicle or vehicles involved is critical to determining the potential causes of the crash. An experienced attorney will do everything possible to ensure the vehicles involved in the crash are secured for inspection and that the scene is inspected to determine the potential causes of the accident. This, as well as eyewitness reports and official records of the accident, can aid in reconstruction of the crash. 

In motor vehicle accidents involving tire failure, or any equipment failure, it will also be important to gather evidence relating to the make and model of the vehicle or vehicles that experienced equipment failure. Specific information about the vehicle(s) can be used to help determine whether similar incidents previously occurred and whether the auto manufacturer has taken any steps to address the issue. Consumer complaints and product recalls about defects are especially important to watch out for, since they can provide valuable evidence of a trend of which the manufacturer should have been aware.

In some cases, product defects are going to be obvious. In other cases, it will not be so obvious that a defect was at play in an accident. This is particularly true of cases where there are multiple vehicles involved and multiple factors which could have contributed to tire failure. Careful examination of the evidence, though, can help determine what factors may have been at play in a tire failure case and on what legal grounds a solid case can be built.