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Statistics of head-on collisions

February 12, 2016

Drivers in Kentucky may be aware of the fact that head-on collisions are some of the deadliest accidents out there. But just how deadly are they, and are they as common as they are sometimes made to sound?

The National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration released a study detailing all types of accidents and the locations that they took place in. Because of this, it was shown that head-on crashes are much more commonly fatal in rural areas. While 7 percent of all fatal accidents were head-on collisions in urban areas, that number jumps to 11 percent in rural places. This could be for a number of reasons, such as longer wait times to get to a hospital, or the fact that there are larger vehicles in urban areas such as trucks or even tractors and farm equipment.

It was also reported by the National Cooperative Highway Research Program that 75 percent of the total head-on crashes occur on rural roads. This generally agrees with the consensus that rural areas carry more of a risk for this type of accident. Additionally, 83 percent of two-land undivided road crashes occurred rurally. 75 percent of head-on collisions occurred on this type of undivided road as well, making them particularly prone to danger.

Statistics also indicate that a large number of these head-on collisions occur because of an “unintentional maneuver”, such as the driver becoming distracted, falling asleep or speeding. This is why it can be important for motorists to pay attention to any small signs such as swerving or aggressive driving. This might help a driver avoid a future accident.