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Study shares findings regarding Traumatic Brain Injury

As readers of this blog know, traumatic brain injury can be one of the most difficult outcomes of an unexpected accident, especially when caused by another’s negligence. Doctors are researchers are still attempting to better understand TBI, the long-term effects and how to provide the best possible care. On this, a new study provides some important information that could lead to improvements in all three areas.

A recent article from Science Daily shared these new findings from a team of researchers. The group undertook a study of the factors associated with mortality where someone who suffered from a traumatic brain injury died more than a year after suffering the injury. The scientists looked at a group of physical, psycho-social and cognitive outcomes of those with TBI, comparing them to those without the serious injury.

Upon completing the review, the group found that those who suffered a TBI were significantly worse on all the specific measures. For example, FIM Motor scores were vastly different and indicated that it’s an important factor in the long-term survival of those with TBI.

The study itself appears to be more of a starting point for further research, as more specific study of the various factors could yield more information that can be used to develop prevention strategies and better care approaches.

For those who have suffered traumatic brain injury, this should come as good news, although it may be years before the results of this type of study affect long-term care. In the interim, ensuring the best possible care – and the ability to pay for it through a personal injury lawsuit, if necessary – should remain the primary focus.