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Thanksgiving can be a treacherous time to be on the roads

Thanksgiving is almost synonymous with travel. It is the official start of the holiday season and many Kentucky residents take to the roads, so that they can spend the day with the people they love. Although most people arrive at the homes of their friends and family without experiencing anything worse than a delay, some will suffer significant harm in dangerous motor vehicle accidents.

Accidents tend to happen when drivers make bad decisions about how to safely drive their cars, trucks and vans. There are some helpful steps that drivers can take to prevent serious accidents from happening and from causing serious injuries and harm to themselves and others.

Most of these steps have to do with using common sense and meeting drivers’ duties to others. For example, drivers should not operate their vehicles when they are tired and may fall asleep, and they should not allow distractions like hand-held devices to take their eyes away from the roads. It can also be dangerous for drivers to operate vehicles that are new to them; taking one’s eyes away from the road to search for a particular switch or operating function can cause a driver to collide with another car.

Last year, Thanksgiving was second only to the Fourth of July in terms of motor vehicle accidents on American roads. Too many individuals are hurt and killed when irresponsible drivers make dangerous mistakes and put others in harm’s way. A car accident is a bad way to start the holiday season, but for those who suffer crashes, personal injury attorneys can offer support and guidance for getting victims back on their feet.