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The Dangers Of Using Defective Power Tools

March 12, 2016

When you use a power tool properly, you expect to remain safe. However, due to defective tools or tool parts, that is not always the case. The injury lawyers in Lexington at Gary C. Johnson understand that there are some accidents that simply cannot be avoided, and at no fault of yours.

Power tools already pose a danger because they move extremely fast or have a lot of pressure, strength, and precision behind them. They are specifically crafted to do work that humans cannot do on their own, which means they are more efficient, but also that your body won’t be able to stand up against them if they break while you are using them.

For example, if a power saw has a defective stopping mechanism, you might end up cutting yourself on the blade before it fully comes to a rest. If a heat gun gets hotter than its supposed maximum temperature, you could burn yourself badly. Other potential power tool injuries include:

  •          Bruises
  •          Lacerations or scrapes
  •          Piercing wounds
  •          Crush injuries
  •          Damage to the eyes or face

The fingers and hands are most likely to be damaged in power tool accidents, but the location, size, and severity of the injury also depend on what type of tool is being used. Additionally, sometimes shrapnel from a tool can be left in the wound if it is not examined closely. This can lead to eventual infection or other complications.

Power tool accidents and injuries encompass a large array of potential issues. To read more about the additional dangers that a defective power tool can present, please visit our web page.