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The pre-ride checklist for motorcyclists

February 13, 2018

Motorcyclists face the worst dangers of anyone on the road. One false move and it can spell disaster for a biker traveling at high speeds down the road. For this reason, bikers need to take every precaution available before they go for a ride.

One way that bikers can stay safer is to review a pre-ride safety checklist. Just like airplane pilots do before they take to the skies, a motorcyclist can check the most important safety points to ensure he or she stays safe.

Check all of these points to ensure that you’re safe on your bike

Here is a short pre-ride checklist that you should review before every ride:

  • Helmet check: Is your helmet clean and fitting your head properly? Make sure you have a Department of Transportation approved helmet and check it for any kind of wear and tear or broken parts before you ride.
  • Protective gear check: You want to make sure you have a sturdy leather jacket, preferably one made for riding motorcycles. Also, wear appropriate gloves, and shoes. All of these items should be heavy and durable to help protect you in the event you lay your bike down.
  • Tire check: Are your tires in good shape? Are they pumped up with the right air pressure and free of too much wear. Does the rubber look safe without any cracks or dry rot?
  • Brake check: Test your brake by squeezing the brake handles. Look at the brake pads. They’re not too worn down are they? Are the brake fluid reservoirs full? When you first get moving on your bike, test the brakes once or twice to make sure they’re working safely.

Were you hurt while riding your motorcycle?

The above advice is great for avoiding a motorcycle accident, but there are more points you might want to check on you bike before getting on the road. Also, this is not the end-all-be-all of accident prevention. Sometimes, accidents happen due to the fault of another motorist. If you were hurt in an accident like this, you might want to investigate whether Kentucky personal injury laws will support you in a claim for damages.