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Tire blowout dangers and causes

Drivers in Kentucky all have places to go, and everyone wants to get there as safely as possible. Unfortunately for you, sometimes unexpected problems can throw a wrench into these plans, such as sudden tire blowouts. Here at Gary C. Johnson, we understand the dangers of these explosions and wish to help you understand them, too.

First of all, tire blowouts can be dangerous to passengers, drivers, and bystanders alike. When a tire bursts, rubber and even metal may fly outward at high speeds, damaging other vehicles. The impact is worsened on the freeway or other roads where you may be going at high speeds.

For you as a driver, you have to worry about sudden loss of control over your vehicle. A burst tire is easier to handle if you are going at slower speeds. Unfortunately, tires are more likely to burst at higher speeds, where it is more difficult for you to maintain control of your vehicle after losing a wheel. Though maintaining control is possible, many find it difficult and can end up swerving and causing additional accidents.

Sometimes manufacturers seek to cut corners, and sometimes known dangerous products are not recalled even though they should be. These mistakes, intentional or otherwise, can further the injury rate of everyone on the road.

The safety of your wheels can influence your overall safety on the road. If you believe that your tires have been compromised, or if they have already burst while driving and caused you harm, you may wish to read more about on our web page.