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Two trucks involved in Kentucky accident

November 3, 2015

Any time a traffic accident takes place, the outcome can be devastating. Sadly, large truck accidents are especially dangerous for a variety of reasons, from the massive size of trucks to sleep deprivation, less maneuverability and other issues affecting truck drivers. In Pikeville, and the rest of Kentucky, road safety should be a top priority for truckers and everyone else on the road to prevent more lives from being claimed in fatal truck wrecks that could have been prevented.

A wreck that recently occurred in Erlanger involved two semi trucks and prompted the closure of I-71/75 for over five hours. The accident left one of the drivers stuck in their truck and emergency responders spent over an hour attempting to remove him from the mangled vehicle.

It appears that the accident happened when a truck that was pulling two trailers struck the rear end of another semi. The collision took place at roughly 7:15 in the morning at the I-275 interchange. A deadly car accident also happened on I-275 earlier in the morning.

After a semi truck wreck, victims and their families may encounter all sorts of problems. Not only do those involved sometimes face serious injuries that cause a great deal of pain and result in expensive medical bills, but they may also be unable to work or could lose their life. Regrettably, truck accidents can also permanently affect the family of a victim, causing emotional pain they never recover from. For people going through these challenges, speaking with an attorney about the accident may be a wise decision.

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