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Understanding the causes, symptoms and treatment of whiplash

Pike County drivers may wish to learn more about a common injury that can result from a car crash. When appropriate treatment is given, the symptoms can be lessened or cured in time.

Whiplash is one of the most common types of auto accident injuries. It refers to a number of different injuries that are caused from a sudden jolt of the neck. Most whiplash injuries involve a sprain or a strain that comes from violent movement in one direction after another.

Ligaments cover and protect the joints of the spine and aid in supporting and stopping excess movement. The jolt that occurs with whiplash tears these ligaments, leading to a neck sprain. The muscles, discs and nerve roots along the spine can also be strained or torn from the accident. The person who was injured in the accident will often have pain and stiffness in their neck. Additionally, headaches, dizziness and blurring of the person’s vision can be common symptoms of whiplash. These injuries can be difficult to prevent in an accident, but they could potentially be minimized by setting the headrest to the proper height and wearing safety belts.

Experts recommend a two-pronged approach to treatment. First is the physical therapy aspect of treatment, involving the application of ice and heat to treat muscle spasms and swelling. The second approach is staying active and keeping on a stretching and exercise routine prescribed by a doctor.

When a Kentucky car accident causes serious injuries to a driver, the person or parties at fault may be responsible for the damages. An accident attorney in Lexington may be able to inspect the situation and assist in either bringing a legal action against that party or negotiating a settlement with their insurance company.