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What can cause explosions in the workplace?

March 25, 2016

Employees in Kentucky such as yourself deserve safe work environments. However, it is unfortunately impossible to foresee every potential accident. We at Gary C. Johnson understand that these unpredictable circumstances can sometimes lead to severe accidents, such as explosions.

While explosions are more common in industrial jobs that have a lot of machinery, they can still occur even if you are working in an office building. Some common causes of explosions include static electricity that has accumulated over time, or explosive materials. Gasoline or hazardous chemicals are two examples of this, and the improper handling of either can result in tragedy. Chemical explosions in particular can lead to unnecessary chemical exposure. These have occurred when companies fail to store or dispose these substances in compliance with federal guidelines.

However, gas lines or boilers are much more common and can be found in any area with gas heating or heated water. If pieces of equipment are installed incorrectly, maintained poorly or crafted from defective parts, then it is possible that they may one day give out. This can lead to an eventual explosion. It is important to pay attention to any possible gas leaks in your work environment. Anyone smoking near one of these leaks could initially cause an explosion through the flicking of ashes or just tossing a lit cigarette instead of extinguishing it. If you smell gasoline or other unusual odors, you should make a report immediately and avoid igniting open flames.

To read more about the possible causes of explosions in the workplace and what you should do, please visit our web page, where you can find more information.