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What disqualifications do major trucking offenses earn?

January 29, 2016

Commercial truck drivers in Kentucky are subject to strict rules and regulations. This is because there is a lot at stake when you get behind the wheel: your own safety, the safety of others on the road, and the reputation and well-being of the business that you represent.

Because of this, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has compiled information detailing what disqualifications a driver may face by committing various trucking offenses. Offenses can include:

  •          Being under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  •          Refusing to take a breath test
  •          Driving with a revoked license
  •          Causing a fatality or leaving the scene of an accident

Outside of committing traffic offenses, a driver’s license may be disqualified if you use your vehicle for illegal purposes. Committing a felony with the vehicle or using it to manufacture, dispense or distribute controlled substances are both disqualifiable offenses. The latter in particular will result in a lifetime disqualification regardless of whether it’s a first time offense or not.

Being disqualified means that you cannot carry a commercial driving license for a set period of time, and therefore, you cannot drive your vehicle. Disqualification periods can last anywhere from a year up to a lifetime sentence, depending on the severity of the crime and the record of the driver. This means that your livelihood as a truck driver might be at stake if you do not obey the rules of the road.

While this is not made to be taken as legal advice, you should be aware of the fact that you face more consequences than an average driver if you break any traffic laws or commit violations or felonies.