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What Evidence Is Collected for a Car Accident Case?

December 23, 2020

If you or somebody you love is involved in a car accident caused by the careless or negligent actions of somebody else, it is crucial that you receive compensation for your losses. Kentucky operates under a modified “no-fault” system. Here, many drivers choose a no-fault insurance plan in which they turn to their own insurance carrier to receive compensation for their medical bills and lost wages. However, many drivers in Kentucky opt-out of the system and choose to go with a traditional fault-based approach when an accident occurs. Regardless of what route a Kentucky driver chooses, they need to be aware of what type of evidence could be important after a car accident.

Various Types of Evidence Are Critical

Evidence is critical in the aftermath of an accident, particularly when determining fault for the incident is required before compensation can be paid. Car accident victims need to remember that it is important to gather evidence as quickly as possible after an incident occurs. As soon as a car crash scene is cleaned up, much of the evidence will disappear. However, Please remember that you should not do anything at a car accident scene that is unsafe or if you have sustained injuries.

  • Use a camera. Most people have smartphones with cameras that can be used to take photographs of everything at the car accident scene. This includes damage to vehicles, injuries, debris, skid marks, traffic and weather conditions, and more. Photographs should be taken at varying angles and distances to paint a clear picture of the severity of the incident.
  • Check for video cameras. You may not be able to gather any photo surveillance at the scene of the crash, but you should make a note of any video cameras you see on nearby businesses, homes, or inside of vehicles involved. The video footage could be incredibly valuable evidence to prove what happened.
  • Gather contact information. If there were any eyewitnesses to the crash, get their names and contact information before they leave the scene. After eyewitnesses leave, it will be very hard to track them down.
  • Ensure the police are there. The police need to come to the scene of just about any vehicle accident. Their job is to conduct a preliminary investigation into the incident, get the insurance and vehicle registration information for all drivers involved, and determine fault for the crash. Most insurance carriers require an accident report before they make any determination about settlements.

In addition to photographic, video, and physical evidence from the crash scene, it is also crucial that injury victims have proof that they sustained harm. In other words, car accident injury victims must seek treatment for their injuries as soon as possible. Additionally, it is crucial for injury victims to continue all follow-up care until their doctor says they have reached maximum medical improvement. If a crash injury victim is unable to prove that they went to the doctor or continued the necessary treatment, it is very likely that an insurance carrier or at-fault party will try to say that there were no injuries in the first place.

Additionally, it is strongly recommended that accident victims keep track of it any time they miss from work as well as any out-of-pocket expenses they incur as a result of the accident. If you’ve been injured in an auto accident and are burdened with medical bills and other damages, speak with a Lexington car accident lawyer to discuss your case for free.