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What happens if you’re hurt due to a faulty vehicle component?

In the last few years, there have been a flurry of vehicle recalls. From serious issues with brakes to ignition systems, there is a wide range of production and design flaws that can make your vehicle unsafe.

Most recently, Hyundai and Kia are facing a massive recall of more than 240,000 vehicles with an assortment of potential flaws. An engineer who worked for the company for more than 24 years recently brought these issues to light. This engineer reportedly worried about safety issues caused by these flaws, including one that could cause the engines in the affected vehicles to suddenly stall.

Currently Hyundai and Kia claim that there have been no injuries or deaths reported as a result of these flaws. If that is true, then the automakers are extremely lucky. Courts in both the United States and South Korea could hold the manufacturers responsible for knowingly putting unsafe products on the road and for failing to take action as soon as they became aware of these flaws.

Automakers owe the public safe, reliable vehicles

When you invest thousands of dollars in a motor vehicle, you expect that the manufacturer has done everything possible to make the vehicle safe. Crash testing and careful product testing are both critical to the overall safety and functionality of a vehicle. If an automaker cuts corners to save a few dollars, they could be putting their customers and everyone else on the road at risk. If financial incentives are what created the issue, than financial penalties are likely the only way to deter future issues with the same company. Civil or class action lawsuits help penalize unscrupulous vehicle manufacturers.

Whether the issue in your car is sudden brake failure caused by faulty components or a stalled engine that resulted in a rear-end accident, you deserve compensation. When you invest in a car, you deserve to know that the manufacturer installed quality parts and engaged in sufficient safety testing. If that wasn’t the case and you or someone else suffered injuries, courts could find the company legally and financially responsible for the accident.

An attorney can help after a recall-related motor vehicle crash

If you or someone you love suffered serious injuries in a motor vehicle collision caused by a faulty part installed by the manufacturer, you need to take action. Seek out the advice of an experienced Kentucky products liability attorney as soon as possible. He or she can review the issue with your vehicle, the details of your crash and the manufacturer’s safety record to determine your best options.