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What is at fault for truck brake failures?

August 13, 2016

Kentucky drivers like you have probably shared the road with big trucks before. Most of the time, these giants travel alongside other vehicles without any issue. However, some problems are frequent among truck drivers. Braking issues are one of them, and this can affect all other drivers on the road.

Unfortunately, sometimes the care that needs to go into truck maintenance or inspection just isn’t there. Problems could be overlooked accidentally. In some cases, they might even be ignored intentionally because it is seen as a bigger financial detriment to fix something than it is to keep pressing forward. This is how brake failure can happen. When trucks with heavy loads travel long distances very frequently, it can wear the brakes down quickly, causing drivers to be unable to stop when they should.

Brake pads are usually the first thing to go, though other components of the braking system can also break or wear quickly with frequent use. If your property or car is damaged because of a truck that failed to brake in time, you could potentially either hold the driver liable for not checking the truck thoroughly before use, or the company for not maintaining it well. There are some cases in which neither party is at fault, however. In that case, the truck’s manufacturer may be held liable for bad parts.

Braking accidents are common, but you don’t need to join the statistics that truck brake-related accidents wrack up. To read more about the probability or severity of truck accidents caused by brake system failure, please visit our web page.