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What is perinatal hypoxia?

As a mother in Kentucky, you have a lot on your plate between preparing your household for a new addition and getting emotionally ready to have a child. Naturally, you may also fear for the things that can go wrong, and feel that it’s better to prepare for those bleak possibilities.

It’s a nightmare scenario for any parent when something goes wrong during birth. One potential issue is hypoxia, which The Medical Dictionary defines as the scenario in which oxygen is not properly circulated through the body and delivered to all of the tissues. In essence, it’s a type of oxygen deficiency that can lead to a number of problems. These issues can last for the short term or long term, if not treated properly and in a timely fashion.

Hypoxia can occur during birth for various reasons, as perinatal itself refers to the time both shortly before and after birth. For example, if the umbilical cord becomes wrapped around the infant’s neck and is not handled appropriately, strangulation may occur which can result in hypoxia. There are other instances which require rapid and precise medical attention which, if left untreated, can result in oxygen deprivation and other negative effects. This includes placental abruption, birth asphyxia, or brain damage. If the child is not monitored well throughout labor, accidents are also prone to occur.

Some causes of hypoxia cannot be predicted or prevented, but others are entirely preventable especially if regulations are followed. However, this is not meant to be taken as legal advice.