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What Laws Apply To Pedestrians in Kentucky?

Just as drivers who take to Lexington’s roads must follow the laws that apply to operating motor vehicles, so too must pedestrians follow the laws when they traverse roads, highways, and other thoroughfares designed for cars, trucks, and vans. While most of the rules that apply to pedestrians are designed to keep everyone on the roads safe, the laws also dictate prohibited conduct that drivers may not engage in and that may create dangerous hazards for pedestrians. Just ask a Lexington accident lawyer!

For example Kentucky law specifically prohibits emergency vehicle drivers from abdicating their duties of care to pedestrians. Driving an emergency vehicle does not give a person a free license to be unpredictable or harmful in their actions as they owe a duty of care to pedestrians even when they are responding to emergencies.

Also, all drivers must stop or yield to pedestrians who are in the roadways. If there is a crosswalk or traffic signal that permits a pedestrian to cross from one side of a road to the other then drivers must allow them space and time to complete their trip to the other side of the street. While pedestrians generally must yield to vehicles when they must cross roads at places other than designated crosswalks vehicle drivers may not speed through or injure the pedestrians they are aware of.

Pedestrians must follow laws that describe where on roads they may walk and what they can do to keep themselves safe. However, staying safe as a pedestrian can have more to do with how motorists react than with how pedestrians conduct themselves. Claims arising from auto-pedestrian collisions may be compensable and may be pursued by victims of pedestrian accidents. Speak to a Lexington injury lawyer today to answer any questions you may have.