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What not to do after a motor vehicle accident

After a vehicle collision there are some important steps that Kentucky residents should take to ensure that their health and safety is protected as well as to protect themselves from legal liability. However, there are also several things that they should not do in the wake of a vehicle accident. This post does not provide any legal guidance or advice to its readers but does highlight some practices that may not serve individuals’ interests after they have been involved in motor vehicle crashes.

First, car accident victims should not disregard their accident-related injuries and pain. Medical issues should be assessed by doctors and records should be produced of injuries so that they may later be used to determine the victim’s damages in a personal injury claims.

Second, car accident victims should not leave the scenes of their accidents until they have obtained all of the information they can from the other drivers and from witnesses to their incidents. Contact information, witness statements and other important data may be obtained at accident scenes and may be lost if it is not committed to records at the time the crashes occur.

Finally, car accident victims should not discuss liability with other drivers at their accident scenes. The statements that victims make in the wake of their crashes may later come back to be used against them in court: admissions of guilt or responsibility may bar a victim from seeking the recovery they need.

Car accident victims often are able to seek their damages when they take proactive steps to protect their rights. Auto accident attorneys in Lexington who work in this field can help them make sound decisions about how to proceed in the hours and days after their crashes.