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What should a victim do after a motorcycle accident?

Motorcycles are popular modes of transportation for many Lexington residents. While some individuals prefer to have the solid structures of motor vehicles around them, others relish the opportunity to be closer to the open road while on their motorcycles. However, motorcycle riders are at risk of suffering serious injuries and even death when they are involved in collisions. They may wish to take some specific actions after their ordeals to preserve their rights to later litigate their claims.

As with any victims of motor vehicle accidents, motorcycle accident victims should get medical help for their injuries as soon as possible. Some medical conditions like brain injuries may not be clearly apparent to non-medical personnel, and the early diagnosis and treatment of ailments may aid in their eventual recovery.

Motorcycle accident victims should also take notes of any specific facts of features that may help them prove that the other involved party or parties were liable for the victim’s harm. For example, if the victim saw the responsible party change lanes in front of them without using their signal or checking their blind spot, the victim should make such a note to tell their attorney about it later on.

Finally, a motorcycle injury victim may wish to discuss their legal questions and concerns with a Lexington motorcycle accident lawyer. Not all accidents will give rise to strong claims, but before a victim dismisses their legal rights they may wish to seek clarification on what they may be able to pursue. Motorcycle accident victims should not have to pay for the negligent acts of others and may be compensated for their losses.