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What should people take away from a recent talc-cancer case?

Back in August, we outlined an important issue affecting women all over Kentucky and the country. For those who have not read our blog post, the issue at hand is the concern that frequent use of talc powder could be responsible for the large number of cancer cases we are seeing in our country. Talc deposits, as you may not know, may naturally occur near asbestos deposits. Some believe that cross contamination is occurring —┬ácontamination manufacturers are failing to catch.

As we explained in our post, several lawsuits have already been filed against talc manufacturers, including the consumer product giant Johnson & Johnson. Though two multi-million dollar awards have already been ordered in two separate cases, it’s the most recent case out of California that has everyone wondering about the future of these product liability claims.

A look at Depoian v. American International Industries Inc.

If you follow legal news like we do then you probably heard about the $18.07 million verdict awarded to a man who was diagnosed with mesothelioma in May 2015, explains an article for the Insurance Journal.

While a majority of the cases up until this point have been filed by women who say talc use was responsible for their diagnosis of ovarian cancer and other forms of abdominal cancer, the case of Depoian v. American International Industries Inc.is one of the rare cases in which a man has made the same claims.

According to a report issued by the Northern California Record, Depoian was not only diagnosed with a form of abdominal cancer but a form of lung cancer as well. Some believe his win could set a precedent for future cases.

What does this mean for people in Kentucky?

Product liability cases can take months to resolve, even in cases where manufacturers are quick to settle. But with more and more jury verdicts in favor of injured plaintiffs, it’s possible the timeline for pending and future litigation could get shorter.

Whether a case is resolved quickly or takes months, the important thing is that the verdict is fair and accounts for all of a plaintiffs needs now and down the road. Settlements like the ones we’d already seen do just that. The hope is this trend continues.