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What standard applies to drivers near child pedestrians?

September 26, 2018

Accidents between vehicles and child pedestrians can be tragedies. These often-preventable collisions commonly occur in school zones, parks and other locations where Kentucky children regularly frequent. Though drivers always are expected to exercise reasonable care when operating their vehicles, when children are around a higher standard of care may apply to drivers.

This is because children generally do not exercise the same restraint in their actions that adults do. While an adult may see a car approaching an intersection and step back to wait for more time to cross, a child may impulsively run out into traffic in an attempt to beat the vehicle. Children are simply less likely to make wise decisions when their safety is involved.

Because of this, laws are in place to make zones where children frequent safer. Speed limits near schools may be lower than in other parts of town, and warning signs may be posted to notify drivers that children may be close by. When drivers ignore these safety measures and drive with distractions or recklessness they may put young people at risk of injury or death.

In sum, drivers may be held to a higher standard of conduct when they are operating their vehicles in zones where kids may be around. In the event that they cause a pedestrian accident with a child victim, that young person may, with the help of their parent or guardian, have legal options to pursue. Through litigation a child pedestrian victim may be able to recover their losses, which may include damages to cover long-term care due to their accident-related injuries.

If your child has been injured by a negligent driver, contact a Kentucky pedestrian accident attorney for legal help.