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What to do if concussed in a car crash

December 18, 2015

A concussion is an injury to the brain. Because of that, it must be treated quickly and seriously. Kentucky drivers who end up concussed due to a car accident will have to follow certain steps in order to avoid furthering the damage.

While Healthline states that there are ways to treat concussion symptoms, there is unfortunately no easy cure for concussions and nothing to help speed up the natural process of recovery. People who are concussed may experience pain and soreness after the accident. They may also experience frequent headaches or even migraines. While these symptoms will eventually clear on their own as the injury heals, pain management can be done in the meantime. Pain relievers with acetaminophen are suggested. Ibuprofen should be avoided, however, as it can increase bleeding risks and make healing more difficult.

The Mayo Clinic reports that concussions can only be healed by rest. However, there are certain activities to avoid during the healing procedure. This can include weight lifting, harsh physical activity, and sports. Anything that causes the blood to pump harder should be avoided as well. Other activities that should be saved for later can also include things that might cause mental strain such as texting, using computers, reading or doing complex work. The additional strain can make it harder for the brain to repair itself and can lengthen the amount of time needed to recover. It may even end up causing complications in the recovery process.

Though there is no quick road to recovery, plenty of rest and taking a break from strenuous activity can be enough to get people back on the road to recovery after a concussive accident.