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What to do if you suspect abuse in a nursing home

November 28, 2015

Leaving loved ones in the care of others at a nursing home takes a lot of trust, and unfortunately, that trust is sometimes broken. What should Kentucky residents do if they suspect that abuse is occurring in a nursing home?

The Administration for Community Living states that there are several steps to take in order to properly handle suspicions of abuse or neglect. The first thing is to contact either law enforcement or Adult Protective Services as soon as suspicion is roused. Law enforcement should only be contacted if there is an immediate and severe threat of danger. Lower risk scenarios will need to be submitted in a report to APS.

When calling in a complaint to APS, people should be prepared to provide information on the nursing home resident in question. They will also need to provide details on the incident that occurred. People reporting the accusations may also be asked for personal information to identify them, but that is not necessary in many states. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services states that all nursing homes must report any allegations of abuse, as well. This is why it is also suggested that people should send a detailed abuse or neglect report to the manager of the facility in addition to the APS.

Following up on reports may also be necessary, especially if people are uncertain that their first report has been looked into. The APS will often determine which cases to investigate further, based on potential veracity of reports, the situations reported, and other factors.