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February 19, 2020

Probably the most common thing that results in lawsuits in Kentucky is negligent driving that causes injury to someone else.

Not just drunk driving, or even distracted with a cell phone driving, but also basic stuff, like turning left across traffic without making sure it’s absolutely clear in both directions. Turning right on red is safer, but again, not everybody bothers to do this safely. Sometimes a driver will zone out for just a moment and run right into the back of someone else’s car stopped in traffic or at a light.

According to Kentucky law, KRS 189.290(1):

The operator of any vehicle upon a highway shall operate the vehicle in a careful manner, with regard for the safety and convenience of pedestrians and other vehicles upon the highway.

Litigation may result when drivers forget this duty and end up hurting others or causing property damage.

The Kentucky office of Highway Safety has useful information on how to drive more safely. See https://transportation.ky.gov/HighwaySafety/Pages/default.aspx.

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