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Who can a victim sue after an accident with a commercial vehicle?

Kentucky residents may own or lease the personal vehicles that they drive to get to work, school, and other places. Personal vehicles often hold a limited number of passengers and are primarily used for the individual needs of their owners and drivers.

Commercial vehicles, on the other hand, are generally used for business purposes. They can be large trucks used to transport cargo, small delivery vehicles that drive throughout towns, or even the large buses that entities rent when they need to transport large groups of people.

Commercial vehicles can be involved in accidents, just like personal vehicles. When they cause accidents and their victims suffer injuries and losses, commercial vehicle drivers can face liability for the harm their actions caused. However, commercial vehicle drivers may not be the only ones that victims can sue for the recovery of their losses. The list of possible defendants in such a situation may be longer.

If the commercial driver worked for a company and was doing its business when they caused the accident, the company may hold liability for putting a dangerous driver on the road. If the driver was entrusted to operate the vehicle of another party, the owner of the vehicle may be responsible for the harm done by the driver.

Insurers may have some liability when commercial vehicles are involved in injury-causing accidents, and so too many other parties. It is important that victims of commercial vehicle accidents prepare accurate pleadings to include all possible defendants in their requests for the recovery of their damages. Their truck accident attorneys can help them identify any and all individuals and entities that may hold responsibility for their clients’ harm.