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Who is liable for a multi-vehicle accident?

It seems like every year stories appear on the nightly news about massive vehicle accidents occurring on Kentucky highways and interstates. These accidents start when a driver collides into another, and that vehicle is pushed into a third, and before long many cars, trucks, and other automobiles are involved in a huge pile-up. Multi-vehicle accidents can be dangerous and can claim lives, and at the end of the day, victims may have many questions about how to identify just who caused the colossal collisions.

It often takes an investigation into the cause of a multi-vehicle accident to understand how and why it occurred. Law enforcement officials can work out accident re-creations to identify just when a driver or drivers acted negligently and caused the collision that affected so many others. When it comes to a multi-vehicle accident, it may be the case that more than one person is responsible.

For example, while a driver may be liable for crashing into the back of another vehicle, the driver of the second vehicle may also be liable for further damage if they are too close to the car in front of them and cause damage to it when they move forward. In Kentucky, multiple tortfeasors can be responsible for the damages in a single accident.

If a victim is found to have some liability for their own injuries in a multi-vehicle accident then their recovery may be reduced by the proportion of their responsibility. This is due to Kentucky’s recognition of contributory negligence. These legal principals and discourse are offered to readers as in introduction into the complexities of personal injury litigation. It can benefit individuals who are involved in multi-vehicle accidents to discuss their legal options with their own Lexington car accident attorneys.