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Who is liable for a pedestrian-vehicle accident?

Collisions between pedestrians and automobiles can be devastating incidents that can place individuals on foot in danger of serious personal injury or even death. While it is important for readers of this Lexington personal injury blog to remember that every vehicle accident case is different, it is not uncommon for vehicle drivers to be held at fault when accidents occur between their cars and a pedestrian. Drivers owe a duty of care to the individuals they encounter when they are operating their motor vehicles; this includes the walkers, joggers and other individuals whose paths cross with automobiles.

When one person owes another person a duty of care, they are tasked with acting responsibly given the situation at hand. If a driver takes all necessary precautions and is not distracted when an incident occurs, it can be more difficult for a court to determine which party was at fault. If, though, a driver was on their cell phone or undertaking a secondary task, then they may be found to have failed in their duty to anyone whose injuries result from their misconduct.

As some readers may surmise, it is therefore critically important in pedestrian accidents to have one’s facts laid out and established when they choose to file a claim for civil damages. The sequence of events leading up to a pedestrian-vehicle accident can be the evidence a victim needs to successfully pursue their losses and prove liability against another party.

After a pedestrian accident, a victim should maintain their medical records, records of lost pay and other documentation that shows just what they have had to endure. These items can help a victim build their case for financial compensation and obtain the recovery they need to get their lives back on track after a pedestrian-vehicle crash. A pedestrian accident lawyer in Kentucky can help you make a case and fight for compensation.