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Why Is Winter Weather Hazardous for Driving?

Although Kentucky residents do not always get slammed with massive winter storms like their neighbors to the north and east, cities like Louisville and Lexington see their fair share of snow and ice whenever winter rolls around. While some children and even some adults love to see snow on the ground when the holidays are near, for many these forms of precipitation are hazards that must be dealt with when driver are out on local roads.

Snow, ice, and other winter precipitation can make roads difficult to drive and traffic hard to navigate. They can reduce friction and cause vehicles to lose traction on the roads due to their slick surfaces. To accommodate slippery roads, drivers often must lower their speeds during winter to prevent accidents and other roadway issues.

Additionally, snow and ice can create dangers for drivers because they can accumulate on vehicles’ windshields. A blocked windshield is a serious hazard because it limits how much a driver can see and may inhibit them from seeing an obstacle like another car before them. Drivers should ensure that their vehicles are working properly in winter and that their wipers are prepared to remove snow and ice to improve winter driving visibility.

Winter can be a special time of year for families as they celebrate and come together to share food and exchange gifts. It can also be a tragic time for those who suffer accidents and lose loved ones in collisions with other drivers. Extra care should be taken by men and women who choose to drive in hazardous winter weather, as they put themselves and others at risk when they fail to change their practices to accommodate weather conditions.

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