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Work with experienced attorney to seek appropriate damages for brain injury, P.1

October 19, 2016

Motor vehicle accidents take a toll on their victims, regardless of how serious they are. Even accidents which do not result in any serious, permanent injuries can result in emotional distress, lost work time, and other losses. That being said, accidents with catastrophic injuries have the clearest and most serious effect on victims.

Some injuries, such as head and spinal cord injuries, can have permanent, life-changing effects on an accident victim’s life. When it comes to brain injuries, the costs for accident victims can be absolutely staggering. A traumatic brain injury can have devastating effects on a motorist’s mental and physical abilities, including changes to the accident victim’s employment, ability to care for self and others, and even on personality. 

The effects of a traumatic brain injury certainly depend on the severity of the injury, whether it is mild or serious, but every brain injury has its impact both in the short-term and the long-term. Experts in the field know that careful diagnosis of a brain injury is important not only to treat the brain injury itself, but also to treat the lingering effects of such injuries, since the latter can result in additional injury to the brain.

From the standpoint of seeking recovery, it is critical for accident victims to be extremely thorough in seeking medical care and attention, not only to care for themselves, but also to ensure they have the best possible evidence regarding the damages caused by liable parties. We’ll explore this issue further in our next post.