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A discussion of Kentucky’s no-fault law

As readers of this Lexington personal injury blog know, car accidents can range from minor incidents to life-threatening collisions. As such, victims of motor vehicle accidents may emerge from their ordeals with considerably different amounts of damages. While one victim may have a few hundred dollars of medical expenses from a quick trip to their general practitioner, another victim may require life-supporting medical care for the remainder of their life.

In Kentucky, drivers are required to carry insurance and part of that insurance must include personal injury protection. Personal injury protection provides victims of car accidents with financial support that compensates them for their losses. Because insurance can therefore cover many of the costs associated with some car accidents, the state limits individuals’ rights to sue in certain car accident scenarios.

For example, under this “no-fault law“, victims generally cannot sue responsible parties if their medical damages are under $1,000. However, victims who suffer broken bones, permanent disfigurement or injury, death, or who incur medical costs in excess of $1,000 can exercise their rights to litigate their claims in the civil courts of the state. The goal of the no-fault law was to cut down on car accident-based lawsuits and to allow insurance to handle relatively small claims.

No matter what level of losses that a victim suffers in a motor vehicle accident they should consider speaking with an attorney about their rights and options. This post offers no legal advice and is provided as information only. Any guidance that readers wish to receive regarding this and other important personal injury topics should be sought individually from licensed legal practitioners in the state.