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The Benefits of Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney

March 17, 2021

If you or somebody you love has been injured in an accident caused by the careless or negligent actions of another individual, entity, or business, you will likely be entitled to some type of compensation. However, securing the compensation you are entitled to can be incredibly challenging, particularly when dealing with aggressive insurance carriers or at-fault parties. Here, we want to discuss the benefits of hiring a Lexington personal injury attorney when it comes to helping you secure the compensation you are entitled to. An attorney is much more than just someone who files paperwork on your behalf.

1. An Attorney Knows How Much the Claim Is Worth

An attorney can bring the resources necessary to conduct a complete investigation into an injury claim. This includes employing assistance from medical, economic, and financial experts who can fully evaluate the situation and help provide a proper dollar value for the claim. Most personal injury attorneys will thoroughly understand that insurance carriers and at-fault parties often provide a lowball settlement offer to begin with, but an attorney will negotiate vigorously to help ensure that the client receives maximum compensation.

2. An Attorney Understands the Legal Process

The legal processes involved in injury claims can be complicated, whether or not a lawsuit is actually filed. Often, it may be necessary for an attorney to obtain subpoenas in order to gather the evidence needed to prove liability. This is a legal process that most people are not familiar with. Additionally, if a lawsuit becomes necessary, an attorney will understand what documentation to file, where to file it, and the timeframes involved for getting a case started. Finally, an attorney will be able to handle the entire lawsuit process, from the discovery phase, the negotiations, and any necessary trial.

3. Your Chances of Success Are Improved With an Attorney

It may be entirely possible for an injury victim to handle relatively minor injury cases. However, if there are severe injuries, if there is a dispute over fault, or if the insurance carriers offer low settlements, most injury victims reach a plateau of what they can do by themselves. When an attorney gets involved, this significantly improves the odds that the injury victim will receive fair treatment throughout the entire situation.

4. An Attorney can Ensure You are Treated Fairly

An unfortunate reality of the personal injury claims process is that the injury victim is often treated unfairly by every party involved. Insurance carriers are “for-profit” entities that do not want to payout large settlement claims. They will fight tooth and nail against having to make these payments, which is often to the detriment of the injury victim. Additionally, most injury victims do not have the resources on their own to ensure that they receive fair treatment from all parties involved. An attorney will use their resources and legal expertise to level the playing field and ensure the client is treated fairly.

5. A Lawyer Can Take the Case to Trial

The vast majority of personal injury cases are resolved through a settlement with insurance carriers, but that is not always the case. If the at-fault party or the insurance carriers involved refuse to offer a fair settlement or even deny the claim, it may be necessary for the victim to file a personal injury lawsuit. When this happens, the case enters the civil court system and will become much more complex. However, an attorney will have no problem taking a case to trial and will do so to ensure that their client is treated fairly.