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Can bicyclists in Kentucky sue if they are hit by a car?

Collisions between vehicles and bicycles can cause serious injuries and physical trauma. As with all accidents involving motor vehicles, careful analyses should be undertaken to determine to what extent the parties to the crash were the cause of the accident. Kentucky residents who are hurt when their bicycles are hit by cars, trucks and vans may have the option to sue for their accident-related losses.

A driver who is reckless or negligent and who crashes into a bicyclist may be responsible for compensating the injured party for the losses they suffered in the crash. Demonstrating proof in a bicycle accident case is similar to that of showing proof in a standard vehicle crash, with many elements of the claims in common between the two forms of harm.

For example, an injured bicyclist will generally plead that the driver caused the crash and that, because of the collision, the victim suffered harm. The bicyclist will have to show that the driver owed them a duty of care and that the driver failed in the execution of that duty. Like an injured motor vehicle accident victim, a bicycle accident victim also must show that they actually suffered losses as a result of their involvement in the incident.

Getting help after a bicycle accident can be a good way for a victim to have clarity regarding their rights and legal options for getting back the damages they lost when they were hurt. Bicyclists who are struck by a car can suffer serious injuries. Compensation sought for those injuries can help offset the expenses incurred due to the crash. Speak to a Lexington bicycle accident lawyer for more information.