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Some recover better than others from brain injury

Recently, researchers conducted a study in which they tried to understand why some people recover their cognitive functions better than others after traumatic brain injury.Also known as TBI, traumatic brain injury typically results from a sudden, violent blow to the...
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Neck injuries after a crash might be serious

July 25, 2019
Car wrecks have many impacts on the victims. For some, even when they don't think that the accident was serious, the injuries can still be incapacitating. One such injury is a neck injury. There are a few different types that...
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What if I’m partly at fault for my car accident?

When we discuss car accidents on this blog, we tend to write about relatively straightforward cases: Negligent Driver A crashes into Innocent Victim B; Innocent Victim B is injured; Innocent Victim B sues Negligent Driver A to recover compensation for...
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Who can be held liable for injury from a defective product?

When consumers purchase a product, they reasonably expect it to be safe for the purpose for which it was designed. The government has an interest in keeping consumers safe, as well as in helping consumers to feel confident about their...
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The difference between economic and noneconomic damages

The losses that a Kentucky resident can amass after suffering catastrophic injuries in a personal injury accident can be great. Aside from the physical limitations that their injuries may impose on them, they may watch their medical bills rise as...
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