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Tips to stay safe when working with electrical equipment

November 8, 2017
Every year, across the country, there are approximately 4,000 workplace injuries that involve electrocution. Many of these injuries can be fatal. Studies have shown that almost every 30 minutes during a typical 8-hour workday, a worker receives an electrical shock...
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Who is liable for a pedestrian-vehicle accident?

Collisions between pedestrians and automobiles can be devastating incidents that can place individuals on foot in danger of serious personal injury or even death. While it is important for readers of this Lexington personal injury blog to remember that every...
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Take care of yourself after a motor vehicle accident

Motor vehicle accidents can be terrifying, injury-causing events. Depending upon how fast a Lexington resident was traveling at the time of the incident and a host of other factors, the injuries that they sustain may range from minor to life-threatening....
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