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Side effects of spinal cord injuries can be permanent

Damage to the spinal cord can inflict serious harm upon the physical condition of a Kentucky resident. Prior posts on this personal injury blog have discussed paraplegia and tetraplegia, two conditions that are marked by paralysis of the limbs. When a person’s ability to move is impacted by a catastrophic injury like a spinal cord injury, they can experience serious and damaging side effects for the rest of their life.

For example, when a person cannot move themselves due to paralysis, they may develop pressure sores and other contusions. These wounds form where the body rests, and can get worse when a person is in the same position for long stretches of time. Ulcers and related problems can develop when pressure sores are present.

Additionally, individuals who struggle with spinal cord injuries and paralysis may experience problems with major symptoms of their bodies. When a person cannot regulate their own breathing, respiratory infections and related problems can affect their health. Lower body paralysis can change or eliminate a person’s control over their bowel and bladder functions and leave them without the capacity to control their bodily waste systems.

When these and other spinal cord and paralysis-related problems develop a person may be forced to seek permanent support to care for their own body. The costs associated with this form of medical and occupational help can be astronomical and a person’s savings may quickly be exhausted if they are forced to cover these costs on their own. When catastrophic injuries affect Kentucky residents’ lives, they may wish to consider their legal options and what rights they may have to sue for the recovery of their damages. A Lexington personal injury lawyer can help you figure out your options.