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Accident-related head trauma may result in traumatic brain injury

September 29, 2017

Accidents often happen when Lexington residents least expect them. They happen when negligent drivers create hazardous conditions on local roads and vehicles collide in dangerous crashes. They happen when workers are carefully performing the responsibilities of their jobs and other people’s negligence put them in harm’s way. Victims of accidents often fail to see the harm that will befall them as it is coming and as such some accident victims are unable to protect themselves from suffering serious injuries.

The injuries that accident victims may sustain will vary from incident to incident but one potentially severe form of harm that some will suffer is traumatic brain injury. Also known as a TBI, a traumatic brain injury occurs when force causes sudden damage to a person’s head and brain. For example, a driver may suffer a blow to their head and subsequent TBI if they are rear-ended and hit their head on an interior portion of their vehicle.

After this hypothetical driver’s vehicle comes to a stop the driver may feel confused or have a foggy memory of what happened to them. These are just a few of the symptoms of TBI, which can also include dizziness, loss of consciousness and other conditions. Sometimes individuals who suffer TBI may seem fine immediately after their accidents only to suffer secondary injuries as their brains continue to swell and sustain more significant harm.

Due to the potential severity of TBI accident victims should always seek medical help after suffering injuries to their heads. Consultation with doctors can provide victims with the help they need to recover as this post does not provide any medical or legal advice. Individuals who wish to learn more about their legal options for pursuing their accident-related damages can contact personal injury attorneys in their communities.