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Drug testing for medical staffers a serious issue

A couple of weeks ago, we wrote about a medical malpractice story that involved a doctor who once had a drug addiction. That man went on to perform many surgeries, some of which were botched. And yet the institutions he...
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Apple cider spill could cost Dunkin Donuts

March 17, 2014
An infamous lawsuit from 20 years ago saw a McDonald's patron sue the fast food company for serving her coffee that was too hot. The patron spilled the coffee on herself by accident and suffered terrible burns. The lawsuit garnered...
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Institutional failure seems to be involved in malpractice case

March 6, 2014
Let's say you are about to go in for a very important -- and risky -- surgery. As the hospital preps you for the procedure, you are informed of who your surgeon is and the two of you have a...
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Outpatient surgery can lead to painful surgical site infections

It is common for people who are about to go in for surgery to be nervous. Who wouldn't be nervous? Surgery is inherently a scary prospect, as someone performs a procedure that is intended to help you -- but a...
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