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Wrongful death lawsuits can be about much more than money

A recent accident that took place while a film crew was on a railroad bridge claimed the life of one woman and left six of her colleagues injured when a freight train crashed into them as they were filming. The...
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Medical malpractice lawsuit decided in amount of $10.6 million

A medical malpractice lawsuit filed against Lake Cumberland Regional Hospital in Kentucky and one of its surgical doctors was returned from a unanimous jury, ordering reparations be paid in the amount of approximately $10.6 million.The jury ruled that the doctor...
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Kentucky hospital stent investigation may be settled with DOJ

After over 500 civil lawsuits were filed against King’s Daughters Medical Center in Kentucky earlier this year for unnecessarily implanting stents, the hospital is now reportedly headed toward settlement with the United States Department of Justice.The hospital told municipal bondholders...
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