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E-scooter injuries up nationally, prompting CDC inquiry

In metropolitan areas throughout the nation, pedestrian and vehicle congestion can lead to delays, stress, and in some cases, accidents. Some cities have begun to adopt an alternative way for people to get where they want to go without taking their vehicles or hailing Ubers, and that involves picking up e-scooters for rent. E-scooters are small motorized vehicles that individuals can ride to their destinations and park once they are done, leaving the e-scooters for others to use.

Though Lexington may not yet be overrun with e-scooters, that may be a good thing. Accidents involving e-scooters are on the rise, leaving many individuals with bruises, broken bones, and in some cases resulting in deaths. The problem has gotten so bad that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have undertaken an inquiry into the problem to determine why so many accidents are happening.

So far, several factors are emerging as common causes of e-scooter accidents. Most victims suffer falls from their devices that result in injuries, while others crash into other objects. Some e-scooter victims are hit by cars, and only around 4 percent of individuals who reported injuries in e-scooter accidents wore helmets when they were harmed.

New technologies are always emerging and e-scooter popularity is spreading across the country. Drivers, pedestrians, and others in Kentucky may soon have to contend with these ubiquitous devices and the challenges that they bring with them. Accidents involving motorized devices including vehicles, motorcycles, scooters, and others can be serious and can leave victims with significant injuries and losses. Those who suffer damages in such incidents may be entitled to the recovery of their damages.