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Hospital negligence contributes to baby’s death

June 16, 2016

Medical malpractice cases can be long and somewhat difficult, but the compensation for the emotional and financial losses may be something residents in Kentucky wish to fight for. Those who have found themselves in critical situations due to medical negligence are capable of making these gains.

This can be seen with one recent story, in which a woman’s child died in the womb and an emergency room doctor was taken to court for the medical decision that allegedly contributed to the death. Nine of 12 jurors sided with the plaintiff in this case, stating that avoidable negligence was a key factor in the child’s life ending. The child asphyxiated in the womb after the mother was released from the hospital with a hematoma. Within 24 hours of her release, the mother experienced excessive blood loss and the baby was deprived of oxygen. The mother was rushed to the emergency room after she was found by her stepdaughter.

This case is one of only two in the area in which the doctor was sided against. However, various factors pushed jurors in the woman’s favor, including the fact that the most common way of handling hematoma is by keeping the patient for more thorough testing and monitoring. This did not happen, despite the fact that the woman was in excruciating pain and suffered from a history of high risk pregnancies.

Any case that has to do with someone’s health or the life of a loved one will be taxing emotionally. However, those who have been in these situations may benefit by contacting an attorney for further guidance and aid during this difficult time.

Source: Lexington Herald Leader, “After death of unborn son, a rare courtroom victory in medical malpractice case,” Eric Adler, June 10, 2016