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How To Get A Police Report After An Accident

April 22, 2024

If you or someone you care about has been involved in a Kentucky car accident, you are going to need the police accident report soon after the incident occurs. Regardless of who caused the incident, the accident report will be required by the insurance carriers in order to proceed forward with the claim.

Any vehicle accident in Kentucky that results in an injury, fatality, or property damage of more than $500 must be reported to law enforcement officials. Here, we want to discuss the process of obtaining the action report after the collision occurs.

Obtaining A Police Report

If The Police Responded to the Incident

Like other states around the country, Kentucky has turned over the process of doling out accident reports to a third-party company. You can access this company’s website and link to order your accident report by clicking here.

There are various online payment methods to use when ordering your accident report through the online portal, including all major credit cards as well as PayPal. The fee is $10. These accident reports are only available to those involved in the incident, parents or guardians of minors involved in the collision, insurance companies, or attorneys representing individuals involved in the incident.

Alternatively, individuals can submit written requests to the Kentucky State Police. The request must be sent to the specific post that handled the incident, and these requests should include a self addressed stamped envelope as well as a $5 money order or check payable to the Kentucky State Treasurer.

If the Police Did NOT Respond to the Incident

If the police did not respond to the vehicle accident but the incident still resulted in an injury, fatality, or at least $500 worth of property damage, individuals involved are still responsible for reporting the incident to the Department of Kentucky State Police within 10 days after the incident occurs.

On the webpage of the link provided, individuals can find the proper form to notify the department of the incident. Those involved in the incident can fill out the form to the best of their ability, and there is an option to download the accident report after submission. However, if an individual fails to download the report, they can follow the same steps above to order their report. However, individuals should allow three to five business days for the report to get to the proper location before reordering it.

Can an Attorney Help Obtain the Accident Report?

Yes, a car accident lawyer in Kentucky can help individuals receive their accident reports. Legal representatives of those involved in the collision are allowed to obtain these reports on behalf of their clients. An attorney can get to work on the claim and handle every aspect of the process, including investigating the incident, obtaining the accident report, and handling negotiations with insurance carriers. 

Will the Insurance Carrier Obtain the Accident Report?

If you or another party are not able to provide the accident report to the insurance carrier(s) involved, the carrier will likely work to obtain the report on its own. However, we strongly encourage any person involved in a Kentucky auto collision to obtain a copy of the accident report for their own records. Individuals should read over the accident report to verify that all the information listed has been notated correctly. If you notice any factually incorrect information on your accident report, please report this to your car accident lawyer in Lexington so they can address it with the appropriate parties.