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Kentucky accident results in motorcyclist’s death

A 19-year-old man lost his life in a Dec. 22 motorcycle accident, reportedly. According to authorities, the crash transpired in the Bullitt County intersection of Preston Avenue and Kentucky Highway 245.

That is where the 19-year-old motorcyclist and a Chevrolet pickup truck collided. According to Bullitt County law enforcement officials, the pickup truck was heading south on Preston Highway when its driver became distracted during a turn onto Highway 245 in the moments preceding the collision. As a result of his motorcycle’s involvement in the intersection accident, the 19-year-old man suffered critical injuries that proved to be too damaging to survive approximately four hours after the incident.

The devastating impact of fatal traffic accidents is not limited by the yellow tape with which law enforcement investigators outline the perimeter of the incident. So too do the friends and family of the decedents suffer an authentic crushing pain, which is not only measurable but also multi-dimensional. This was reportedly exemplified by the 19-year-old man’s parents when, following the accident, they made a plea to the public for drivers to exercise alertness and care while sharing the road with motorcyclists, stating that all motorists, regardless of the size of their particular motor vehicle, possess rights and are worthy of the duty of care expected from drivers.

It was a valid statement, consistent with ideas and values that form the foundation of the laws applied to many civil cases involving auto accidents. Thus, following fatal accidents in which parties manifestly neglect to practice that duty of care or to recognize other motorists’ rights, the decedent’s family may be eligible under the law and encouraged by attorneys to pursue a wrongful death claim, seeking restitution for many of the crushing losses they suffered.

Source: WDRB, “Parents of soldier killed in motorcycle crash plead for attentive driving“, Ryan Cummings, December 26, 2014