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Kentucky drivers advised to be vigilant of large truck hazards

February 26, 2015

Commerce requires the transport of goods, and that means tractor-trailers use the same roadways as passenger vehicles. Accidents with tractor-trailers can be serious, but drivers can take precautions to reduce their chance of crashes with large trucks.

Guidance published in the Kentucky Driver Manual warns people about the big blind spot that inhibits a truck driver’s ability to see other vehicles. When a driver is so close behind a large truck that he or she cannot see the truck’s rearview mirrors, it means that the truck driver cannot see the vehicle beside the rig. This situation is to be avoided.

The weight of tractor-trailers also means that they require longer distances to stop and accelerate. Drivers should avoid pulling out in front of a tractor-trailer because it may not be able to stop or slow down in time. Large trucks also need time to merge into freeway traffic. Drivers should move out of the right lane to give the truck space to get up to speed. This will limit the chance of rear-ending it.

Air turbulence created by large trucks can jostle passenger vehicles alongside them. It is important to keep a good grip on the steering wheel to maintain control. The driver should not linger next to the large truck either.

Although safe driving strategies can reduce the chance of getting in an accident with a tractor-trailer, these types of crashes remain common. When a person is injured in a truck accident, he or she may have cause to seek compensation for damages like medical bills and lost income. A personal injury attorney might be able to assist an injured person during negotiations with an insurance company or trucking company.