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Tips for driving in stormy weather

September 17, 2016

As Kentucky starts diving into the second half of the year, drivers will need to buckle down and get ready for the potential winter storms ahead. Safe driving is crucial to avoiding accidents when traveling through bad weather. Drivers should have the biggest arsenal of tips and tricks at their fingertips to make the road safer for everyone.

The Red Cross has certain safety steps that drivers can follow if they absolutely need to drive in a storm. Naturally, it is first suggested that all superfluous driving be avoided and that people stay indoors if they don’t have to leave. However, if they do, they should prepare ahead of time. Pack the car with emergency supplies. This includes:

  •          Food and blankets
  •          Flashlights and extra batteries
  •          Emergency flares
  •          Power supplies
  •          Radio

Having a disaster supply kit on hand is a good idea as well. Drivers should also alert other people to their planned trip so someone will know if they don’t get to their destination on time.

Lightning storms are also a concern to some drivers. However, AccuWeather states that cars are a safe spot to be when dealing with lightning. As long as drivers avoid touching the metal parts of the car, the lightning will go around the outside of the metal and leave the occupants safe. The only exceptions are convertibles, fiberglass vehicles and cars with open windows, as this breaks the seal and allows for electrocution. It is suggested that drivers in this situation pull off to the side of the road, turn the car off and sit without touching anything.

Rain, lighting or other stormy conditions can add up to make for a very dangerous drive. However, keeping these tips in mind could help a driver avoid accidents.