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What are some construction site hazards?

As a construction worker in Kentucky, you are likely well aware of the dangers that come along with your job. While even perfect maintenance unfortunately can’t prevent every accident, there are a number of hazards that can be avoided through preparation, planning and following rules.

Some risks on the job can come from the other employees, or even yourself. They involve user error, and can include:

  •          The improper maintenance of equipment
  •          Unsafe storage practices
  •          Imperfect inspection methods

Essentially, if construction equipment isn’t kept up to company standards in all respects, it can become dangerous. For example, a stripped bolt could cause a support beam to come loose, or a crane that has not been locked properly could end up collapsing onto someone.

Other injuries can simply come from the nature of the equipment. Construction sites are often full of heavy metal, sharp objects, or sources of intense heat. You can cut, burn, bruise or even electrocute yourself on equipment if you do not handle it properly or give it your full attention while working.

Naturally, equipment isn’t the only thing that can fail. Workers should keep an eye on every part of the site. For example, scaffolding that isn’t maintained can collapse and cause great injury to anyone on or underneath it if it is not built and maintained properly.

Most construction site hazards are manageable, but you should remain vigilant so you can avoid unnecessary risk. To read more, please visit our web page, which can provide you with additional information on construction site dangers.