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Who is responsible for medical negligence?

As a patient in Kentucky, you deserve the best medical treatment and care. Unfortunately, we at Gary C. Johnson know that isn’t always the case. Whether through intentional or accidental neglect, problems can happen, and those problems may be harmful to you. But how do you pinpoint where the blame falls?

One of the most common instances of negligence occurs when there is a defect in a device. This can either be a product design flaw, an issue in the development or production line, or something wrong with the materials the product is made with. Defects can be either electrical or mechanical in nature. In more and more cases, it may even be a software failure that causes issues. In any case, improper production can be traced back to a medical device manufacturer and they can be held responsible.

Health care providers can also make mistakes. Sometimes a device may be placed incorrectly, or patients like you having surprising issues with a device or medication, such as sudden allergic reactions or a sensitivity. In some cases, if you have a preexisting condition that makes you susceptible to these issues, you may experience debilitating side-effects. The negligence falls on the provider in this case rather than the manufacturer.

Medical negligence is an issue that can cause you physical and mental harm. As such, you should know as much as possible. For further information, please visit our web page on medical negligence and the issues that can stem from mistakes in production and care providing.