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Work with experienced attorney to build strong case for tire defect in product liability litigation

We’ve been looking in recent posts at the issue of tire defect in motor vehicle accidents, and the importance of working with experienced legal counsel to gather the evidence necessary to develop a strong legal theory. As we’ve noted, accidents involving tire failure can involve both tort claims against other negligence drivers, as well as product liability claims against manufacturers responsible for the tire failure.

Tire failure cases can involve both manufacturing and design defects, and both tire manufacturers and vehicle manufacturers can be held liable for tire failure, depending on whether the tires were original equipment on the vehicle or a replacement set. One not uncommon problem with tires is tread separation. 

Tire tread separation can occur in different ways, but usually occurs when the layers of steel belts embedded in the layers of rubber separate. Tire tread separation that occurs while a vehicle is travelling at a high speed can cause loss of control and can result in a serious accident. Tire failure can also occur when there is a valve stem defect that causes the tire to explode.

Whenever a tire failure occurs, there is a risk of injury not only to the driver and other vehicles on the road, but also to cyclists, pedestrians and bystanders. This is due not only to contact with the vehicle itself, but also to pieces of tire that separate or break off and strike those within range.

Multiple theories of liability may be set forth in a single case involve a tire failure, particularly where the evidence suggests tire failure was not the only defect that contributed to the accident. An experienced attorney can help an accident victim to build the strongest possible case and to ensure his or her rights and interests are advocated throughout the litigation process. 

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