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Asbestos exposure can be lethal

January 28, 2019
Time is an important factor for many of the regulatory laws and practices that come into being. For example, over time scientists may discover that certain compounds and chemicals are dangerous to humans when they suffer exposures. While a substance...
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When a company knowingly promotes a dangerous product

December 26, 2018
As early as 1971, reports began to circulate within the Johnson & Johnson organization about potential dangers lurking in one of its most popular products: baby powder. The main ingredient in the product, talc, could allegedly become infiltrated by asbestos,...
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End of the year marks the end of sales for Essure due to injuries

December 22, 2018
Most consumers want to believe that the products that make it to the market in the United States are safe for consumers. This is particularly true when considering critical and potentially dangerous products, such as medications or medical devices. People...
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CPSC recall list highlights the many dangers products can contain

December 18, 2018
It is December and for many Kentucky residents that can mean that it is the season of giving. As they prepare presents for their friends, family members, and as gifts to charities, some may take extra steps to ensure that...
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Lead still found in unsafe products, including hair products

November 13, 2018
When it comes to public safety, lead has been identified as a potentially dangerous metal that can have negative health consequences for those who are exposed to it. Many common items used in American homes used to contain lead. Readers...
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