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Severe traumatic brain injuries can require long-term care

December 3, 2018
A traumatic brain injury (TBI) can afflict a Kentucky resident in a number of ways. While many TBIs are caused by accidents and occur when collisions and impacts affect the outside of the victims' heads, other TBIs occur when penetration...
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Motorcycle accident injuries can be catastrophic

October 2, 2018
Although a motorcycle may be a fast and fun way for a Lexington driver to do their daily commute, individuals who ride on motorcycles face a number of dangers that are not present for those who travel in standard motor...
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Catastrophic injuries include two types of spinal cord injuries

August 28, 2018
Any trauma to a victim's spinal cord can cause serious pain and harm to them. For this reason, victims of Kentucky car and vehicle accidents should seek medical attention after their ordeals, to make sure that their injuries and ailments...
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Living with brain injuries can be costly and difficult

Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) are catastrophic injuries that can deprive Kentucky residents of their ability to work, their capacity to enjoy life and their capability to care for themselves. Because of these significant losses, many TBI victims must enlist the...
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Are pedestrian accidents common?

A pedestrian accident happens when a vehicle collides with a human being. Not long ago the story of a pedestrian accident made national headlines when a Broadway star, her family and friends were struck by a moving car and two...
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